How long does it take to complete?

In the case of a child exhibiting complex problems it may take up to an hour to complete the initial Functional Profile. For subsequent profiles, or in the case of child with a less complex presentation, considerably less time may be required.

It is important to keep in mind that a carefully completed profile saves many hours of consultation, because it allows parents and schools to work together and to identify concerns in one go. This offers the advantage of allowing quick subsequent action in an efficient and focused manner.

Michiel Noordzij
Child psychiatrist

Examples of the Functional Profile

You put the FP to work for the child:

  • Points of action for support
  • To measure a child’s progress
  • To monitor student inflow and outflow
  • For prolonged periods of mediocre functioning
  • In the case of questions for care teams
  • Group analysis:  of a class, department or school.

Michiel Noordzij
Child psychiatrist

Benefits of the Functional Profile

The FP offers insight into complex situations. It analyses a child’s support requirements, and helps a parent, teacher or caregiver to correctly interpret and express that need. It empowers those involved in the care of a child to take quick and precise action. It can be applied for individual children and groups alike.

  • Become more skilled at taking action
  • Evaluate the effect of your actions
  • De-medicalize
  • Support based on needs
  • Do what is required, not more and not less
  • Group analysis and group-directed advice (at the policy level)

Michiel Noordzij
Child psychiatrist

Who can be asked to complete a FP?

Anyone who is involved in caring for the child can participate and complete a Functional Profile. This includes parents (either together or separately), a teacher and/or counselor, grandparent, healthcare professional, social worker, or sports instructor. A higher degree of participation from people involved in the care of the child will allow for a more differentiated picture of the child’s functioning.

Michiel Noordzij
Child psychiatrist

When is the FP used?

The FP can be useful if you and your child have come to a standstill, and if you are unsure of how to move forward. It can also be applied to benefit groups of children, in order to visualize in- and outflow, and to gain insight in the functioning of a single class or grade, or at an institutional level.

Maartje van Rijen
Educational care specialist at YOUP

What is a Functional Profile, and how can it work for me?

The Functional Profile (FP) is an online tool that offers a fast and accessible overview of how your child is doing. All that’s required is for you to complete a series of simple questions about the child’s functioning, skills and abilities, and living environment. Schools and healthcare professionals will complete the same profile, thus providing you with a complete picture of your child’s needs, and what is required to improve his or her functioning.

Connecting education and care services

How is the child doing?